Manas Lifestyle Resort

Live Well, Relax More

Our Facilities

Elevating Your Experience

Manas Lifestyle Resort terms to be a Best Stay in Igatpuri that takes care of everything! You can experience amazing indoor and outdoor games, magic shows, eco-friendly EV charging stations, creative pot making and arcade games. Have a flawless trip with all the enjoyment.


Arcade Game

Discover a blend of nostalgia and excitement through a diverse selection of both traditional and modern arcade games. Challenge friends and family or indulge in solo gaming fun at Manas Lifestyle Resort. From air hockey to a range of classic and contemporary video games, our variety of offerings aims to elevate your trip and infuse it with joy.

Indoor Game

Lazy to go out but still wanna have fun?

Indoor Games are the best key to enlightening your mood. Manas Lifestyle Resort arranges some amazing indoor games like table tennis, snooker and more to encourage you from a lazy mood and have fun during your trip with your friends and family.


Outdoor Game

Engage yourself with fresh air and some fun activities!

Manas Lifestyle Resort encourages you and offers enthusiastic outdoor games like cricket, badminton and many more which can help you to stay active, enjoy the loving environment and have amazing fun with your loved ones. You can enjoy serene strolls, picnics, and yoga in the beauty of nature.

Magic Show

Enlighten your trip with incredible wonders and amaze yourself by witnessing some amazing magic shows. Be spellbound by stunning tricks and illusions that will leave you in awe. Our magician makes sure that the audience is spellbound and experiences mind-boggling illusions, sleight of hand, and tricks.


Pot Making

Always wanted to do it? But never tried it off?

Manas Lifestyle Resort offers some more creative experiences as well. Embrace pottery with a skilled instructor and enjoy a relaxing and artistic experience during your trip. We provide you with a guide who helps you in going through the process of pot-making. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced potter, this is a delightful and therapeutic activity for you.

EV Charging Station

Nestled within our resort’s modern amenities is our electric vehicle (EV) charging station. Committed to sustainability, we provide a convenient and efficient solution for guests with electric cars. This facility allows visitors to charge their vehicles while enjoying their stay, reflecting our dedication to eco-friendly practices and a greener future. With our EV charging station, we’re not just providing a service; we’re contributing to a more sustainable and enjoyable travel experience for our guests. 


Swimming Pool

Dive into our versatile pool with different depths, perfect for family fun or a relaxing swim. Enjoy safe, refreshing waters for everyone at any age!

Rain Shower

Be amazed by the love, rain shower, and all-in-one facilities offered by Manas Lifestyle Resort. The wonder of laying your eyes under the rain and dancing in the rain till you get tired, all your dreams will be fulfilled over here.